We work with people and companies to create value, focused on our personal commitment, innovation and environmental protection.

Our Vision

Our vision is described very simple as: To be a responsible firm that harnesses superior thinking, bringing to the world a portfolio of innovative projects that inspires people and fulfills desires and needs· a responsible firm that aims to transform the built environment with respect to our planet· a responsible firm that makes the difference.

Our Values

Our work will be guided by our beliefs and commitments our core values:
People. Sharing a common purpose, we engage our customers, our partners and our own team with respect, openness and trust.
Passion. It is our enthusiasm, our zeal, our energy that drives our business. We don’t just feel passionate about what we do, we put our heart into it.
Excellence. We strive for excellence in our work through innovation, creativity, realism and rigid professionalism.
Sustainability. Our first priority is completing our projects in the most environmentally, economically and socially sustainable way.
Place. We promote a more collaborative working philosophy. We created a space open to like-minded professionals and independent people. We provide a creative, satisfying and healthy working atmosphere. It’s about the opportunity to be part of a positive team, it’s about “we”.



Vassilis Kapoglou

Civil Engineer, PMP


Over 11 years of experience in planning and construction of special buildings, Vasilis is proud to be a co-director and founding partner of Kwadrat+, sharing the same visions with his life-partner, Katerina. He has worked in a broad spectrum of projects, in Greece and Germany, ranging from hotels, spa & wellness centers and luxurious houses to office buildings and industrial cooling towers.

He believes in being authentic, clear thinking and straightforward and strives persistently to find the most proper solution to every challenge.



Environmental Engineer


Co-director and founding partner of Kwadrat+, Katerina has more than 11 years of experience in Greece and Germany. She worked in the fields of sustainability, environmental planning and energy efficiency. Being loyal to environmentalism, thinking forward and harnessing creativity to the maximum, aims to bring something unique to the world.

She believes in working hard, in developing strategic ideas and innovative solutions and living a sustainable and stress-free life.




partner 1
Dr. Victor Kouloumpis

Production Engineering and Management, Research Fellow at
University of Exeter

partner 2
Konstantinos Voukouvalas

Rural and Surveying Engineer MSc



Corporate Responsibility

As a team we believe that our major contribution in sustainability is through the services we offer and the projects we deliver. Whether we are delivering a hotel complex, a single house or designing a water management system, we endeavour to find the most sustainable solution to every single challenge that our future holds.